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Each for S$12 Unless stated. Contact me at +65 844...

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September 2009
Friday, September 11, 2009 @ 11:29 PM

Each for S$12
Unless stated.
Contact me at +65 8448 9435

All is from catch from arcade.

Sega tag is attached :)
Buy more get more discount!

Selling at sucha cheap price, cause i really have too many toys in my room, and got no space for myself :) All are brand new. Not used, or played before.
Comes in cling wrap.

Furry pooh - $8. 2 Available.

Chopper- $6

Pooh bear- $6

Sheeps, 1 for $7. All for $20.

Rila heart - $6

Rila Chips - $5.

Stitch heart - $8.

Pink Moinko - $10

Peach monkey - $10.

Mario - $14

$6 for the minnie and mickey

$8 for piglet!

White bunny, pink and orange all 3 at $30.
Each $12.

Frog $10

Battery operated Tiger - $ 10

See the size as compared to the masking tape
Bugs Bunny:$25, FAST DEAT @$20.

Hippo, comes in grey and blue.
$15. Fast deal at $12.

Jack and the lantern RESERVED BY SHAZNI

Brown and white hammy!

Pooh on ball - $8

pooh with hunny pot RESERVED BY SHAZNI

Come in 3 colours. Yellow, white pink. Each at $14. Buy all 3 @ $36

A mask that definately works!


Contact me at: +65 8448 9435

This is the mask,
Use TRICE a week, each time 30mins each time.
Rinse off with cold water after use.
After 1 use, u can feel the smoothness of ur face. I can grantee that.
I'm selling for $18ONLY. Yes, only $18 for 3 times use.
Where else can u find such cheap and good mask?
Its selling very fast, friends who bought it once are now constantly buying. It helps reduces redness, prevents pimples/acne & smoothing the face just in 1 use!
I believe some girls dont like to put on make up because after removing them, some would have red small dots or worst grow pimples in a few days time. This mask eliminates that.
Feedback from caroline: 'I didn't dare to put make up, unless special occasions. After i used your mask, i put on make up everyday when i go to go school. I have more confidence in myself. I believed girls grow some pimples before their period comes. But now, i used for 3weeks and when my period comes, i only grow 2pimples. But, the next day it was gone!'
Thank you caroline for ur feedback .
Seriously, i see all my friends in my school who bought from me are like putting make up everyday and taking alot pictures of themselves. I see that they now have more confidence in themselves and are happier knowing redness and pimples have reduced.